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Jeanette has been our “go to” expert for the purchase of four homes and the sale of two others….
Now that we are 15 years into our business relationship with Jeanette advocating for us, we can call ourselves seasoned real estate investors. When we started out, we relied on Jeanette a great deal. She provided us with exemplary service, but through her expertise, she also taught us so much about the art of successful negotiation and strategy. The education was as valuable as the duplex she found for us.
We are confident that when we call her, she works 100% to thoroughly complete the deal to our advantage. She also calls us when a property that fits our needs comes up. She has been very good for our niche market.
Beyond that, her particular style makes it easy to work with her and trust that nothing will fall through the cracks.
We can recommend her with 100% confidence to any level of real estate investor. If Jeanette is on your side, you’re well represented.

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